Brandon Underground Dog Fence – Underground Dog Fence Review

Depending on your reasons, a Brandon underground dog fence may or may not be the perfect solution for containing your pet on your  property. Underground dog fences are sold by many foreign and domestic manufacturers and can be purchased on-line or at local retail stores.  Doing some research prior to buying a hidden dog fence will  save you time and money in the long run. There is nothing more frustrating than buying and installing a product that doesn’t work.

Our dog stays in the yard for the most part but sometimes he will run off for days at a time.

If you have a dog that leaves your property for even a short time you run many risks. Your dog could be hit by a car, taken by a stranger or picked up by the animal shelter. He could eat poisonous substances, get into a fight with another dog or animal or he could jump on  a person or child and injure them. You are responsible for your dog and you should provide a safe environment for him  both inside and outside your home. A Brandon underground dog fence would be the perfect solution for this situation.

At  Contain-A-Pet of Central Mississippi we offer lifetime warranties on  our products.  We are affordable, reliable  and  provide installation and pet training by trained professionals. If your dog does not remain contained during the first  year we will refund your money.  All we ask is that you follow all training instructions. We are the only pet fence company in the world that has this amazing guarantee.

Our dog stays in our yard but he digs up the landscaping and ruins the flower and vegetable gardens.

It’s tough sometimes to keep a pup out of the pansies. An alternative to tying him up would be a Brandon underground dog fence. The wires would be buried along the perimeter of the gardens – even if they are in separate areas.  Contain-A-Pet of Central Mississippi  assess the area and then you would have the option of installing the wires yourself or we could do it for you. Either way, with a little direction by our professional trainer we will have your pup in the grass where he belongs and out of the garden.

My dog has a heart condition and other ailments; can I still get an underground fence?

Only a qualified veterinarian would be able to identify if your pet was in suitable health for a Brandon underground dog fence. With a heart condition the fence may prove to be too much for him. In any health related situation it is always best to contact your vet before making the decision to purchase an underground dog fence. If the vet gives his OK then you can trust the professionals at Contain-A-Pet to compassionately train your dog. They will establish a training plan based on the dogs temperament as well as other factors such as age and health.

My Dog Acts Aggressvie Towards People.

In this case the underground fence would not be in you or your dogs best interest. A physical fence is always  best for a pooch with aggression tendencies.  Not just to keep you dog in but to keep people out.

How Do I Truly Know That a Brandon Underground Dog Fence is Right for My Pet?

That is why Contain-A-Pet of Central Mississippi offers a FREE  no pressure evaluation of your pet and your property. We pride ourselves on our commitment to your pets well being and safety!

Call Don today at 601-937-1401. You pet will be glad you did.

If you are not in Contain-A-Pet of Central Mississippi’s area visit our national web site at or call 1-800-777-3647 to find your local dealer.

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