Best Money We Ever Spent

Living on a large place in the country, we did not think it was important to have our dogs fenced.  However when we heard our that our Jackson had been in the highway,we started researching options, getting prices, etc.  About a week after our first quote, Jackson came home limping.  After a visit to the vet,  we found out he had been shot. (He is fine now-living with pellets inside of him).   We don’t know why or who did it, but we realized it was definitely time to get some type of containment system installed.  I had always heard that Weimaraners were too smart and would outwit the electronic systems, or once they caught a scent, they would go through it no matter what.  So, we didn’t really consider that option.

Although a month earlier, my mother had Contain-A-Pet install an electronic fence in her yard for her puppy.  She was very pleased with it and suggested we do the same.  After talking to David and expressing our concerns about our breed, the size of our place, etc.,  he explained to us that he would train the dogs, we could tie into my mother’s  transmitter, and lay the fence down all the way from our house to hers.  This would keep our dogs out of the road but still give them a few acres to roam. Considering it was $1000.00 less than having a small area enclosed with a chain link, we decided to go with Contain-A-Pet.

Its been two months now, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The dogs know where their boundaries are, and do not even think about crossing them.  They have worn a trail to my mother’s house where they go to play with her dog while we are at work.  It’s so wonderful to know they have so much freedom, but are staying safe at the same time. there have been no more trips to the vet and no more scares of them being in the highway.

Thanks Contain-A-Pet of Central MS for keeping our dogs safe at home !

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