Electronic Dog Fence (597x800)
We will help you get your life back.  No constant worries about your pet.   No walking schedule (or should I say dragging schedule).
Contain-A-Pet underground pet fence will help you improve the quality of life for your pet. More exercise. More freedom. More safety. And a much better pet!
Contain-A-Pet has true dog  trainers on staff and will be there to help with your dog containment needs…and even offer advice for other training and behavioral issues.
The advanced computer technology that is used in the equipment  is for your pet’s safety and well-being.
You and your pet can start to enjoy all of this in less than one week.
Contain-A-Pet’s limited lifetime warranty is top in the industry. Your Contain-A-Pet investment is made to last!
It is made in the USA.
Contain-A-Pet is a member of the National Better Business Bureau. So you can have peace of mind.
Because you know where your pet is…safe at home.

Call your Contain-A-Pet of Central Mississippi today at 601- 209-2473